November 21, 2012

Letter 11/21/12

Elder Bell's letter home the day before Thanksgiving:

Thank you so much for the cookies and the candy! It made me way happy to see you didn't forget about me, ha ha just kidding. Me and my companions will really enjoy them. I don't know if you saw in my email I sent today, but I got put into a trio after one of the elders left early. Don't worry, I'm sticking strong!

I've already learned so much, yet I feel like I haven't even learned a lot if that makes sense? I made it through week one and I'm loving it! Feeling the spirit all day is amazing. Thanks for the letter you sent in the mail. I liked your stickers, and I hope you liked them on the one I sent you last week! By the way, just about everybody loved my polka-dot tie! People were complimenting me left and right!

I fly out on Decmber 4th at 11:30AM, so be expecting a call from me on that day earlier!

Thanks for the letter you snuck into my suitcase, it was really good to read something from Momma Bell the first day I was in the MTC. Remember if you ever get down, Heavenly Father loves you and he will comfort you with the Holy Ghost. Mosiah 24:14.

I love you mom, and I love this gospel. Being a missionary is just amazing. I can't put in words the joy I feel.

I love you mom, thanks for letting your "Wittle Wandon" to go out and serve the Lord!

Elder Landon Bell

P.S. My P-Day in the MTC is Thursday. We got permission to write today since tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

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