March 4, 2013

Email 3/4/13

Hey guys, this letter probably won't be as long as it usually is this week. Things have been pretty hard out here lately. We've barely been able to teach any lessons this past week. I think we ended out the week with 6 lessons taught, which is pretty terrible compared to the 15-20 lessons a week we usually are teaching. The work is really slow, and I've been in a Bum mood lately, so that doesn't help anything either. Satan's been working really hard on me trying to make me give up. I don't know what's wrong, haha. I've just been so down lately. Hopefully things will start to get better soon.

Our days consist of having a few appointments, and then tracting the rest of the day, and then the appointments fall through so we end up tracting like the whole day. We get quite a bit of potential investigators from tracting, but a lot of them have been falling through on the appointments. It's hard because we have great feelings about somebody, but they're too scared to say no to your face, so they tell you to come back and they don't answer or they aren't home, and then you never see them again. It's hard to decide who to come back too and teach, and who to not come back too. There are some names on the ward list who we don't know so we just assume they're less active, and so we've been trying to visit all of them, but most of the time they don't answer either.

Elder Werner was telling us this story about how he was on exchanges one time and worked in our ward, and he went to this ladies house and she took him to her backyard and said "well.. Here's Blue Beard.." and sitting there was this dead cat with flies all around it, He went on to tell us how he had to bury this cat for this lady in our ward. Since him and I are going around visiting the people in our ward that are less active we go to this house, and it just has this gnarly smell coming from inside, that we could smell outside. We knew it was a cat lady. It ended up being that same lady that had him bury Blue Beard haha. R.I.P Blue Beard.. That story doesn't really have much of a point to it, I just thought it was funny.. haha.

I've been really into getting new ties lately, and since missionaries don't have jobs, we've been going around to all the thrift stores and searching through a bunch of those. This last week, I think I got like 16 new ties. They are so cheap and some of them are way nice. I really like the Gnarly, flower ties that there are. I have quite a bit of those. We'll go on P-day and sometimes even during lunch hour. It's pretty fun to go to all of the Thrift stores in our area searching for ties.

Don and Kayla Schreiners baptism is supposed to be this Friday, but we don't know what's going on with it yet. Don is ready and he wants to be baptized this Friday, and we're trying to decide if Kayla is ready or not. Both of them said that they didn't feel like they were ready and that they didn't know enough about the church, but we handled it very well. We showed them the video "You know enough." A Mormon Messages video that talks about how you don't have to know everything and that our life is a spiritual Journey, we all learn new things each day. A quote from that talk I really like is "You don't know everything, but you know enough." The spirit was really strong and they could definitely feel it. Don even prayed right there in front of us and asked if the 8th was the right day to be baptized and he got his answer as a yes. There is a lot of complications going on about the baptism that we have to resolve tonight. Don wants to for sure get baptized this Friday, and we'll see about Kayla tonight after we go and visit them.

The weather here has been pretty weird lately. It will be really warm and then it will be cold the next day. Saturday we decided we would walk around all day and tract and contact people on the street. It was eighty five degrees that day! It was so hot! I am not looking forward to the summers where it is like one ten! I'm going to die when it gets that hot. My back was just drenched in sweat haha it was pretty gross. I thought that my CamelBak had a leak in it or something like that. When we were walking around we ran into this guy who was on a Jazzy scooter and he had this sub-woofer and speaker bungie corded to the back of it. It was pretty loud. It was way funny though, oh the things you'll see while you're out here in the ghetto!

Church was pretty good this week. Well, it was good for me, I was able to feel the spirit and it put me in a better mood. But it was bad for investigators. We didn't have anybody show up to church that we are, or have been teaching. The Schreiners car broke down and they were like an hour away, Melvina's daughter had an asthma attack so Billy and Melvina were with her at the hospital. Jessie's kids were sick, and all of the other investigators we have bailed out and didn't show up. It was a pretty rough week.

Alright well sorry this letter is so short, that's about all I've got. Nothing exciting happened this week that I have to write about. Hopefully this next week will go better and we'll be able to start teaching some lessons. Thank you to those people who are writing me, it means a lot and can really help out when I've been having a rough day/week. Take care.

-Elder Landon Bell

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