January 31, 2013

Q&A in January

Here are the questions I got answered from Elder Bell during the month of January:

Q: How was Christmas in the field?
A: Christmas was awesome out here, kind of weird being away from family and snow, but it was still good!

Q: Did all the elders in your area exchange gifts?
A: The other elders didn't get me anything for Christmas, but that's just because I just taped a bunch of garbage together for them ha ha.

Q: Where/How did you learn to shine your shoes?
A: I'm still not really sure about how to shine my shoes, I kind of just guessed ha ha.

Q: Did you have any service opportunities in the MTC?
A: We had service once a week on Tuesdays (and since we left on a Tuesday we only had to do it twice). We were in charge of cleaning our building. Once I swept and mopped the stairs, and the other time I cleaned the toilets. The toilets were actually funner to clean than the stupid stairs!

If you have your own questions you'd like answered by Elder Bell, add them in a comment below and I'll send it to him, or just write him a letter!

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